Security matters a lot now as threats are around you. So, we will talk about the security of Linksys router in this article. We are providing a step by step procedure to enable the wireless security of the Linksys router. To start this, you must have a device such as a computer or a laptop connected to your Linksys router with an Ethernet cable. A wired connection is preferable as you will lose connection with the router two times in this procedure. So, if a wireless connection is established then you have to re-establish the connection again.

These steps are also useful for finding the wireless network security key of the Linksys router. Now, it’s time to follow the procedure to make your Linksys router secure. Another important thing is you need to access Linksys router setup window for this. So, you must know the login details.

Use the connected computer to open an Internet browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Enter the default address that is or enter the default IP address in the address bar of the browser you have opened.
Hit the Enter key. A window prompts in front of you asking for the username and password.
Leave the username field blank and enter admin in the password field. These are the default login details. Click on submit button or hit enter key from the keyboard.
On the top left corner of the screen, you will see Wireless. Click on it. The window that appears after clicking on the submit button is Linksys router setup
If you are opening this configuration window for the first time then you have to select the manual option. But if you are not new or having an older Linksys router then you can skip this step.
On this page, you can change the SSID or network name of your network. Set a new name for your Netgear extender network. If the connection is not a wired or you have done wireless network then it will get disconnected. You have to connect to the extender by its new network name. Click on save settings.
Then again click on wireless security and then select the security mode. It is recommended to select WPA or WPA2 security mode because it will allow you to set a password of up to 63 alphanumeric keys. Click on save settings.
Log out from the Linksys router setup or configuration page.
After all this is done, if a device wants to connect to your network, it has to enter the password or passphrase you have set before. So, unauthorised access can be prevented through this method and your Linksys router become secure.

If you encounter any difficulty while following these steps or for any other query related to Linksys router, feel free to contact our helpdesk. We stay online to protect you.